Frequently Asked Questions

How can new space workers be added to the site?

A user can add a worker profile for themselves, family members or friends by following the instructions here.


There is already an entry for me (or someone I personally know) on the site, how can I take ownership and make edits to it?

A registered user can request ownership of a pre-existing entry by logging into the site, navigating to that worker’s page, clicking the CLAIM THIS PAGE button, and filling out the form that pops up. This will allow our staff to review your claim and transfer ownership of the page over to you if your request is valid.


Is this site just for living space workers?

No, this site is a lasting tribute to all American space workers, living and deceased.


Does it cost anything to create a worker profile page?

No, but donations are appreciated.


How will my personal account information be used?

Worker profiles are publicly visible, but the details of your site account (such as username and email) are not published on the public site. Your email address will only be used to contact you for administrative notices related to your activity on the site, including worker status updates and responses to worker claim actions, etc. Our full Privacy Policy can be found here.


Why is my information already in the Space Worker Hall of Honor if I didn’t add it myself?

The site began with an initial batch of space worker data taken from information previously collected by the American Space Museum, either through membership signup or the purchase of Space View Park memorial engravings. There is also the chance that you were added by a family member or friend.


How can I remove my worker profile from the site?

Registered users can set the status of unwanted profiles to “Trash”, which will remove them from the public site and earmark them for future deletion. If you are not a registered user, navigate to the worker profile page in question, click the “Report this page” button, and explain why the worker should be removed.


How can I report a page that contains objectionable content?

Navigate to the worker profile page in question, click the “Report this page” button, and explain what’s wrong with the page.


Can pages include contact info such as an email address or Facebook link?

Yes, this information can be included in the “Comments” section. Please be aware that worker profile pages are publicly visible and will be indexed by search engines.


How do I add a photo to my page?

When you are editing a worker’s page, you can add a photo by using the Worker Portrait box at the bottom of the right column. Click “Set worker portrait” then upload your image in the interface that pops up, select it, then click the blue “Set featured image” button at the bottom. Please try to upload a photo with a resolution of at least 700w x 850h.


A company I worked for isn’t listed as an option, can I add it?

Please send us a message about this and we will either add it or suggest the existing company you should use instead.


I forgot my password, how can I access my account?

You can begin the process to create a new password here. If you’ve forgotten your username, send us a message and we will try to help you out.


What can I do if I’m not receiving emails from your site (such as the account confirmation)?

Please check any spam folders for emails from OR If you find emails there, please add those addresses to your whitelist. If you can’t find them in your spam folder, please send us a message.