Cathy P DiBiase

11-24-1961Date of Birth | Titusville, FL


U.S. Space Shuttle ProgramInternational Space Station Program





Aerospace Nurse


I started with the Bionetics corporation in 1994 as a Aerospace/Research Nurse.  I had the privilege of providing nursing care to astronauts at KSC during the Shuttle program, (of which I worked ~74 missions) as well as worked on contingency plans if one were to occur.  I was also involved in operational research in the biomedical research lab as well as working with research teams performing crew data collection.

Once the shuttle program ended, I eventually transitioned to the Occupational Medicine Clinic where I assisted employees with their certification exams, illness or injuries.

Now I am back working on both CCP and GSDO projects for the return of manned spaceflight.

Thank you to the Hall of Fame for recognizing all those who have dedicated their careers to the space program.  I have worked with some of the smartest, dedicated, and giving people who deserve to be recognized. 🙂