Ms. Claudia Lynn Dorn

09-30-1953Date of Birth | Hartland, WI


Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle ProgramInternational Space Station Program



Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
- Fuel Storage One
Kennedy Space Center
- Industrial Area (SSPF/Depot)


Chemical Engineer for EGG/SGS/ Wylie at Fuel Storage One, doing hypergol (fuel and oxidizer) processing. Systems Engineer at Boeing performing ISS hardware build and test, launch control support (SECL). Worked on the upcoming Constellation Program and supported Lockheed Martin with Orion Crew & Service module GSE design.


Here at KSC, I have enjoyed a wonderful finish to my working career.  I started at Fuel Storage 1 when I was 42 years old and enjoyed hypergol fuel and oxidizer processing.

After 5 years I went to Boeing to work ISS build and test, which were very busy and stressful years but also fun. I was  involved with the hypergol  fuel loading of Messenger that went to Mercury.   I was also fortunate enough to be a part of the design work for  the beginning of the Constellation and Orion programs.

Although I never became an astronaut (my original dream), I did work with flight hardware, processing systems on the MPLMs and NODE and other various ORUS (Orbital Replacement Units).  If you cannot go into space, the next best thing is to work on the equipment that goes into space!  Standing inside an MPLM almost makes you feel like you were there.

I was very fortunate to have received numerous awards including the Silver Snoopy and Space Flight Awareness.  I learned a lot and had the opportunity to work with some very wonderful people.